Creative Wild is the main studio space for Columbus, Ohio artist Ryan Warner. Ryan Warner is a visual artist, musician and creative writer in Columbus, Ohio. Ryan has a huge passion for photography as well as songwriting. He studied black and white film photography at the University of Toledo under Debra Orloff while a grad student. While working in the dark room at the University of Toledo, he developed a love for film photography and went on to create a series of prints of the underground DJ scene in Toledo, Ohio.

As a musician, Ryan taught himself how to play guitar in 1996 and went on to minor as in Classical Guitar for one year at the University of Toledo. Since then he has played in several bands and in duo projects. Besides guitar, he also plays; banjo, harmonica, percussion, and vocals. Now days he spends most of his musical time writing songs without words. These new songs stray from his previous vocal material that he felt were limited in their musical styles. Creating songs without vocals opened up his fingerpicking style to combine a no genre. As a fan of the Grateful Dead, punk, and jazz this is what he had been seeking all along. A streaming form of music that had no constraints.

As a writer Ryan mostly dabbles in lyrics, poetry, haikus and short stories…although deep inside he knows there is a novel in the making. In all forms of his life, not just creating, Ryan spends a great deal of time listening. Listening to the wind, the Earth, the noises around him, the people talking around and most importantly…his creative side. The songs and poems write themselves. Everything writes itself and nothing can be forced. He is not a commercial writer. Ryan’s material comes from deep within and is stimulated by the world around him.

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