Trent Thrun & Ryan Warner at The Stagger Inn.

I guess I am a bit slow to post some of the events that have been happening. We took our trip out west and back. Drove across the country and saw lots of cool things, some old friends, beautiful scenery, and played music along the way. Our first stop was in Edwardsville, Illinois, a superb of St. Louis, where we got to visit and play music with a dear ol’ friend of mine from the AeroSpliff Days of creating music. This marked the first time in about 15 years that we had played together…and it was like it was yesterday.

Ryan Warner - Stagger Inn, Again. Edwardsville, Illinois.
Playing some guitar at The Stagger Inn, Again.

Despite the lack of air conditioning, which bottomed out during the daytime, we played well and had a blast. This marks the first time that we played together that I sang my own songs as well as played harmonica…no longer just the lead guitar player. Hopefully we will be on stage their again soon after the holidays.


Post Show and very sweaty. Trent Thrun & Ryan Warner
A little sweaty from the lack of air conditioning at The Stagger Inn, Again in Edwardsville, Illinois.