Fall came back this weekend and like clockwork since I first started songwriting, fall arrived and my guitar found its way into my hands. I had felt this energy coming for the past few weeks. There had been several times over the summer months that I played but not thisĀ  Playing music is a huge part of me, and at the same time it is very natural to go periods of time without playing. No matter what though, once October rolls around, the guitar and I rekindle our friendship.

We start to work on finishing up any old material. We start on new ideas that will be worked on over the winter. Ideas that I came up with while out running, swimming, or biking over the summer start to be put into a musical interpretation. Rest starts to happen to the physical body as the creative mind starts to awaken with new ideas.

This writing process happens somewhat during the change of all seasons. I can feel the change in energy of the earth and it opens up different creative pathways. I am able to see things a bit different…hear things a bit different. Fall is the big one though. Fall sets the tone for the whole winter recording sessions.