I will take any chance to get by the ocean in order to do some exploring. I really love the vibrant sunsets, the orchestra of sea birds combined with the rushing of hypnotic waves and the salty breeze. We found ourselves in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Despite it being a huge vacation resort I was able to find some beautiful places to photograph off of the beaten path.

This was down the beach from where we stayed. I am not even going to pretend to remember what part of Hilton Head we were at. I do remember this being farther down in between two main beaches. Too far for your average vacationer to walk on a stroll…far enough away for nature lovers to break away from the heard.

The rocks were happening this time of year. You cannot tell from this image but the rocks were the place to be if you were a Horseshoe Crab. This was Horseshoe Crab mating season and the gathering place was on these rocks that went out off the coastline into the ocean waters. There were hundreds of them mating. Once girl told me that she comes out every day in the evening because after some males and females have finished, they end up getting stuck on the beach and have a hard time getting back into the water. So there she was, doing her part in the 92 degree heat, with her ball cap on…helping the truly innocent find their way back home so that life as they knew it could go on. This whole scene gave me great hope.