I have been laying low the past several months, trying to live a bit more simple. I’ve been tending to our garden and flowers. Photographing various flowers and plants. Exploring hidden parks with secret passageways that lead to the river. I have been a bit more sedentary this week, after I implanted a shared of glass about half and inch into the bottom of my foot pad the other morning. This song came from the sedentary time a few days ago.

The title of the song, “Trees from Seeds” also stems from a week or so ago. We got a bunch of various tree seeds and planted around 24 of them to train them as bonsai tress. We go out there a couple of times a day and check on them and see how they are doing. As I was writing this, I was starring at the seed trays and “Trees from Seeds was born. This is a decent recording so I thought I would share it with you. This is me on two tracks playing guitar.


Trees From Seeds – Ryan Warner – 2020