Like I start off saying in the video, I’ve been writing and playing a lot…mostly for my plants, my cat who seems rather annoyed most of the time when I start playing – most likely because I am disrupting one of his naps, and my deaf dog, who, before his deafness, has helped me write several songs in the past, as well as lend some much needed vocals on some recordings. 

I have also been recording a lot. I have been in the process of going through my songs and getting them all recorded. I have been rather lazy in that department, so hopefully that changes. I would love to have an album finished up in the next few months. Most likely by the end of the year. 

Since I have been writing new material I thought it might be time to make a video of an older song called Raincoat, which will appear on this new record.

This was written in the fall of 2008. I was living in Toledo at the time with my dog, who was about three years old. This is one of the first songs that he helped me with. Him, a little bit of Jim Beam, and some chilly, nasty rain that I had the misfortune of finding myself in.