This is the Desert Song. After a few months off I am remembering how to play all of the songs I wrote last year. This is not the full version, I will post a video of that soon enough. Most likely this weekend. This was stopped short due to my wife coming home and I wanted to see her.

I took a trip with a good friend, my old vocalist and rhythm guitar player out to the California side of Tahoe. We left right after one of our gigs in Toledo, Ohio and drove straight through to Colorado where we had a show and stayed with some friends. We then drove to the California side of Lake Tahoe where we played another and did some hiking. Going through the desert was a magical experience. We had Miles Davis and John Mclaughlin playing. The Desert was wide open, dark and mysterious. Every now and then I would get a glimpse of rock formations that were put in place by people that went out into the desert on a night of soul searching.

Years later this feeling and experience has stayed with me. It is now put into these notes. A little bit of Miles and John McLaughlin, and a bit of Jerry Garcia. I am envisioning this song with a full band and another guitar player that is able to switch off with me. I think some odd instrumentation would be awesome as well…maybe a cello, a dj, or some other type of strings…definitely more percussion.

-be well
Ryan Warner