The think series dates back to when I was living in Toledo, Ohio. It was a series I came up with for the huge multi-artist Artomatic Art Show that attempted to bring graphic design, animals, and the urgent need for self-individualism. The vagueness of it was an attempt for the viewer to want to learn more about the idea behind the art. That idea was for people to start to think for themselves. To think about the world around them and their impact on it. The damage they were doing to their environment and the other creatures that inhabit it.

During the show I had these pieces, as well as others that will be posted later printed and framed. I also created huge black and white xerox copies created of the animals that I could put on the walls around the framed art…copying off of the street art tactic of wheat pasting.

Needless to say I say think it was a success since all of the giant xerox copies where stolen from the show once it ended before I had a chance to tear down my own art. Is not thievery flattery?